Look Perfect on Your Auspicious Wedding Day- Six-Week Skincare Routine Brides Swear By
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Look Perfect on Your Auspicious Wedding Day- Six-Week Skincare Routine Brides Swear By

For your wedding, apart from choosing the perfect venue, lehenga, reception dress, flowers and arrangements, what any bride might have a nightmare about would be the skincare. The pressure that increases as your wedding day gets nearby is immense, but you can take care of your skin for months and if not enough time, six-weeks before the big day. A good makeup artist and the right skincare routine can do wonders making you look stunning. You have nothing to fear because this six-week skincare routine can help you achieve the perfect makeup look.

How to Plan and Start a Wedding Beauty Regimen

Six Weeks- What to Do?

For your outer beauty, taking care of your skin from the inside is crucial and your gut health is very important in this regard. Be conscious and put a control on your carbohydrates, booze, sugar intake. A healthy gut plays a great role in making your complexion look brighter and hence try to include live culture like yoghurt, kombucha, kefir in your diet.

Feed your skin so that it glows on your wedding day, Vitamin C in the right dose feeds your skin by taking it to the cells without breaking it down. A favourite of experts and celebrities alike. If you are still pondering on what to do for hair and nail care, the solution is here. Try clean beauty skincare products, hair care products, cleansers. Do not be late in trialling new products if your skin is among the sensitive one.

Five Weeks- What to Do?

This is the time when you should start going for facial treatments and try new products. Even if the skin gets irritated, there would be enough time for it to recover. With microdermabrasion, you will be rejuvenating your skin and look gorgeous in your bridal look as it also clears away any dead skin.

There are so many facial scrubs that are available that one could opt for. Facials pull away the dead skin, you could do it at home and which will offer you a polished and brighter complexion.

Four Weeks- What to Do?

Look Perfect on Your Auspicious Wedding Day

One month! You must be frantically running around but do not forget your skin requires TLC all the time. This is the time when you should be going for a makeup trial. But how to look after your skin and what changes to make? Look for a good SPF moisturizer and never forget to go out without it, a good cleanser is essential too for the best skin before the wedding day.

Three Weeks- What to Do?

A skin peel is a great way to remove the lines if any and also bring a natural glow to the skin. One could go for professional clinical ones or try a home peel. This is the best time for you could start early to see how the product works.

If you are wearing sandals with your lehenga, this might be the best time to get a pedicure, exfoliate to remove any dead cells. You will get soft and supple feet on your wedding day.

Second Week- What to Do?

Now, this is the time when you will really start to get anxious and stressed. Go for yoga classes or facials or even a weekend spa resort for you to relax. Cleansing twice with the product including coconut and Argan can make a huge difference. Do not go for harsh scrub and cleansing will help in keeping the skin fresh. Go for lip scrubs and carry necessary items in your clutch like SPF and moisturizer.

First Week- What to Do?

This is it! Your wedding day is just a few days away and also this week is the most crucial period for your skin. Avoid carbohydrates and any salty meat, exfoliate your skin, stick to the products you have been using. Any expert would say before your wedding day to pamper yourself with your skincare routine and remember to hydrate yourself.

This is everything any bride should be knowing to look flawless without any last-minute hassle. Enjoy your big day and let your skin shine.

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