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The Best Bridal Makeup Looks to Rock This Winter Wedding Season

Weddings are rightfully termed as the season of blossoming love followed by new beginnings, and the urge and effort to look our absolute best never ceases. Here are some of the most-talked-about bridal makeup trends to keep your eyes on, for winter weddings. These bridal makeup trends revealed by our very own Makeup Professional Noor will have your best features highlighted.

The mentioned makeup looks are all about being confident in your skin with some hints of artifice to have your beauty accentuated. Read and learn all about the trends now.

Favourite Bridal Makeup Looks for Winter Weddings to Rock Your Big-Day

Taking the Traditional Route

A large majority of the brides plan for a subtle and traditional look for their weddings.

If you happen to be one of them, then choose the traditional road of bridal makeup with a high bun and an all-traditional red lehenga or Banarasi.

Embracing the Bold Makeup Look

If you aren’t much into tradition or taking the traditional route, then always opt for a bold bridal look for your special day. You can choose to have the look accentuated with kohl eyes, bold lips, and a neat low bun.

Go for Some Peaches

Some would-be-brides would dream simplistic makeup on your special days, especially the ones that look subdued. If that is the case, then go with the all sweet and bright look to ace that perfect style. There is nothing more wonderful and dreamier than choosing pinks and peaches for that refreshing and out-of-the-box look. Inform your makeup professional about your light eye makeup look and how exactly would you be wanting your lips to look.

For a swoon-worthy look, you can always make your bet on some subtle face glow, pink cheeks, and messy locks complemented with a gajra bun.

Go for Some Peaches

The Classic All-Red Makeup for A Traditional Indian Bridal Look

Red is synonymous with Indian brides.

While it might be true to some extent, not many can carry the red colour or can ace it up. If you are a lover of red as well, then go with the bold red lips sans any shadow of doubt coupled with light eye makeup. The classic red look will surely help you turn some heads.

Glittering Makeup Look

Nothing shines better than some glitter makeup. Because you are the bride and the day revolves around you, there is no harm in trying some glitter makeup for yourself.

Some shine and glitter are all that you need to feel and look extra special. From glitter lipstick to glitter makeup, you can make your choice according to your preference and mood.

Glittering Makeup Look

The Matte Queen

While some people adore glitters, others prefer keeping it sophisticated and matte even with their dolled-up bridal avatar. And why only limit the matte concept to your lips alone, when you can extend the same to your entire face with matte Smokey eyes and faded gold eye makeup look. The matte makeup with some subtle sheen is what you need to look extra special.

Highlight Like It is Your Last Day on Earth

The one makeup product that had ladies going gaga over it is the highlighter. The highlighter has changed the ballgame of makeup altogether. While you can feel free to choose any sort of makeup for your big day, the highlighter is something that you cannot afford to miss.

The highlighter doesn’t only lend you that perfect bridal shine but also have your whole makeup curated at one go.

These were some of the highlighted bridal makeup looks for a winter wedding that you can try or recommend to a would-be-bride that you know. All of these bridal makeup looks are sure to fetch you compliments and make you look like a diva. Hire Noor – Bridal Makeup in Chennai for this occassion.

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