10 Beauty Products Every Bride Needs Before and After Her Wedding
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10 Beauty Products Every Bride Needs Before and After Her Wedding

The clock has begun ticking, and as the bride-to-be, you would be shouldering out the task of hosting guests at your wedding. While you are the main highlight of the show and all dolled up in your classic saree or lehenga or a gorgeous gown, your makeup game should be on point for all your wedding rituals. There is no other way to look perfect in your wedding photos anyway.

Whether you have decided to pull your bridal makeup yourself or have decided to book an expert, there are several 10 beauty essentials that you must be carrying for both before and after your wedding.

Beauty Essentials for Your Face

Picking the best face makeup is as hard as you can imagine. Your beauty kit must comprise of products that are apt for your skin type.

Beauty Essentials for Your Face


Primer makes for the key aspect of your makeup, as it preps up your skin to keep the remaining makeup in place after the application of all the skincare products. The primer helps you to maintain the fresh look even with the makeup on, for the rest of the day. Primer also serves up as the base for your makeup and assists in concealing the pores and fine lines.


Wish to keep those fine lines, redness, dark spots, and pigmentation concealed? A concealer can help you do that besides helping you to achieve that flawless look on your wedding photos.

Concealers are available in different shades, and you can choose them according to your skin tone.

Concealers are available in different shades


The power of the foundation should be underestimated. The right kind of foundation will help you rock your makeup while the wrong choice can make you look weird. Choose a foundation that controls the oiliness of your skin and keeps the same sheen-free for a longer duration. Also, make sure to pick a lightweight foundation that doesn’t feel heavy on your skin.

Face Compact

Face compact helps you to do the frequent touch-ups and maintain the perfection of your wedding special makeup. Face compacts are ideal beauty products to carry inside your purse and are a must-have when you need to entertain a whole lot of guests and celebrate one wedding ritual after another. Face powders are ideal to smoothen your skin texture and lend you that fresh look.


A contoured look offers the much-dreamed about definition to your face, besides having your cheekbones and nose enhanced. The contour renders a perfectly sculpted look for your special day. If you are a beginner in the world of makeup, you should invest in a small contour palette and try your hands at it beforehand. Go for contour palettes that have a creaseless and a creamy formulation and that which can be blended effortlessly.

Makeup Setting Spray

If you are needed to take a walk across the wedding venue and entertain one guest after another, and still wish your priceless makeup to stay on point, then makeup setting spray is your answer. The setting sprays for makeup are meant for locking your look and keeping it intact for several hours.


A woman can never have too many lipsticks, and lipsticks are the main highlight of the makeup game, Lip colours are our first choice, given how almost instantly it helps our face to glow.

You can keep experimenting with different shades of lip colours, but make sure the lipstick that you choose are long-lasting, are infused with a lip-hydration formula and little ‘Hatke’.

Lipstick by Makeupnoor


To add some defined charm to your eyes, never forget to carry a kajal in your beauty kit. Kajal also keeps your eyes protected from infections and shapes them like a dream.


Any kind of makeup that you do is a waste if you haven’t put on some eyeliner. You can carry various shades to lend a dramatic effect to your bridal look. From bold cat eye look to simple inner eye look and the mod winged look, create all types of look as per your preference with eyeliners.

Makeup Brushes

Your makeup application can never be perfect sans the right sponges or brush. While finding the best applicators can be a daunting task, but you can do a little research on the internet to find out the best one.

Apart from this, makeup remover, nail paint, safety pins, hairpins, comb, hand cream, sindoor, and bindi are a few other add ons to the beauty kit that you must consider to keep your makeup game strong.

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