Bridal makeup artist Chennai

Why do we need makeup for our wedding

Wedding is the event it’s happening only once in one’s life and modern day brides are not like our previous generation brides, they are having exposure to the world most of the brides are working, they have the clarity when to get marry and how they want to get married who or what kind of person or personality as a person they are expecting from the partner.

The brides are not getting married soon after they are coming out of college, One or two years after the colleges like our mom got married. They have clear goals to achieve in their life and they are allowed to make decisions and that legitimacy was not there for the previous generation. Since they are clear with their goal, those goals pushing them are following their goal and trying to achieve something in life. Once the goals are achieved they want to get married. At that time they have the fame, power, money to spend and people are admiring them.

With all the quality they have, they wanted to be a role model for everyone, so when the big day(wedding day) comes, the brides want to look stunning and look gorgeous they can cherish the moment always. Makeup is not something which makes them look good, this is a symbol of excellence. I have achieved my goals and now I am getting into a married life where I want to become a wife and mother.

I see makeup in this way. It’s a symbol of excellence, gift, accomplishment, pride, greatness and so on… This is why you need makeup for the wedding. Bridal makeup is one of the first and foremost important things in the list, when we plan for a wedding. It’s very much required and important. 

When it’s considered important, we have to wisely choose the best in the business, that’s where bridal makeup experts like Noor can help you( He is one of the well known makeup artists in Chennai and who does outside of Chennai, he travels all over India even overseas also. Book your appointment with Noor the top 5 makeup artists in India to look stunning on your wedding day.

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