How to Get Smokey Eyes With Makeup
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How to do Smokey Eye Makeup, Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

Smokey eye makeup has been so much in trend, all the ladies love to get that sultry and breathtaking look for their gala evening or a date night, perfect for the evening occasions. Among all the smokey eyes, black and brown is more on to go look. And once you learn this tutorial you can switch between different color combinations like red smokey or green smokey eyes, amazing variations you can make matching your outfit.

Most of you have been trying to ace that black smokey eye makeup but ended up in disaster with all over blackey texture. Don’t worry happens for the first time but it all needs practice to get that dramatic smokey eye. Here read out the step-by-step tutorial which will surely help you and you will get perfect on it. This guide is for black smokey eye makeup. So let’s just look on the things you will need require to create this look :-

  1. Eye primer

  2. Concealer

  3. Eyeshadow

  4. Kajal

  5. Eyelash curler

  6. Eyeliner

STEP 1:-

Your base is a must. Applying eye primer just like you apply face primer for your face, it will help in sticking eyeshadow perfectly and stays on point and all the attention would be on your eyes to make sure to have a perfect base

After applying primer, If there is any discoloration in eyelids do apply concealer to correct the uneven shade. Take a small amount of concealer and just put it in dabbing motion all over the lids or use a brush that would be easier. Set the base with a little bit of loose powder.

STEP 2:-

To get that fuller looking eye makeup, what you will do? Apply kajal in the upper lash line, it will fill in the gaps and intensify your eyelashes. This technique is used by many makeup artists.

STEP 3:-

Choose the super light shade and apply on the crease. Now apply a middle brown shade and blend it all over the crease , this will be your transition shade which will help you in blending all the eyeshadow you will apply afterwards.

STEP 4:-

Next up is brown shade. Use a small blending brush to apply the shade on the crease. Do a round motion all over the crease in a way that it goes inner corner to outer corner.

Take a reddish shade and with the help of a blending brush apply on the inner corner and little bit on the outer crease.Press it gently while blending on the inner corner to give that smokey effect. Apply on the eyelids as well.

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STEP 5:-

Apply basic black gel all over the eyelids. Use concealer brush and apply along the edges to eyelids and press towards the inner corner. Now pick the black eyeshadow and apply it around the edges and blend it.

Take a flat blending brush and take a little amount of red eyeshadow and blend around the edges. This will give a beautiful blackish red smokey effect. Smudge it out on the upper crease line.

If there is any residue of eyeshadow powder falling into under eyes you can use a makeup remover or a fluffy brush to remove that out.

STEP 6:-

Now apply kohl/kajal in the upper and lower waterline and make sure to apply very precisely. After that apply the brown shade on the lower waterliner just beneath the kajal you put on, smudge it towards the edges  to make that smokey effect very smooth.

STEP 7:-

Use an eyelash curler to straighten and curl your lashes upwards and apply mascara. And if you want you can use fake eyelashes to give that extra glam effect for your smokey eye makeup.

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