Wedding Planners Reveal COVID-19 Precautions
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Never ever thought of planning your wedding with just 50 people around, but this is the new  normal to tackle the pandemic and have faith things will be fine soon. You have already planned your wedding day by looking at things getting normal so there won’t be any further situations, but who knew this covid can come back again and affect so many people. It is so difficult to even think of stepping out of the house unless it is required. In this situation you don’t want to cancel out as the wedding date was already announced and there can’t be any delay made. Here are some things you need to take care about if you are willing to arrange your wedding during this time.

Do not invite children’s and old aged people until and unless they are too close

I know mostly our grandparents are much more excited about the wedding happenings and blessings are mandatory from them for a happy and successful marriage, but looking at the rise in cases so rapidly in which people above age 45 are getting infected more , So this is advisable to keep them safe it is a very crucial phase in which a single mistake can lead you into lifelong regret.

Also, kids should not be involved in the wedding. They are so innocent that they don’t even know what is happening around them, surely you can guide them and tell them what to and what not to do but it’s difficult to keep an eye on them every time after all it’s wedding day.


Now it might seem things are easier because you will be having only 50 guests in your wedding, but the truth is you have to take more safety precautions about yourself and your guests too.

Maybe they would be coming from different cities, tell them to have their corona test done before joining in the wedding, to be on a safer side at gathering. Here if it’s possible, call your friends or family staying in the same city or nearby.

Make sure each and every guest attending the wedding have their covid test done along with your family member too and if possible, vaccinate yourself and guests to avoid any further infection.


Things are easier when you have someone who takes care of all your planning and scheduling things and making a proper arrangement for each function. At this point of time getting a wedding planner for your wedding day can help you in keeping up all the safety measures too.

They will not only help in planning out the events, but their work would be to talk to vendors who can provide everything on time, because due to pandemic many things went irregular, so it might be difficult for you to get vendors on time.

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Along with preparations there are some more things to keep in mind as follows:-

  1. Arrange a safe stay location for your guests. If you are planning to make them stay in your home don’t do that until there is arrangement for one guest one room to maintain social distancing.
  2. Keep a proper sanitization routine for the venue. Keep sanitizers at each corner possible. Also, some bundles of masks ready just in case someone is in need.
  3. Make a seating arrangement in such a way there is not much contact between your guests.
  4. Live stream you are wedding for people who are not present on your wedding day due to covid. This is a bit emotional of the fact that the earlier wedding has to be the biggest festival where each family member would gather but things will get normal soon.
  5. Earlier the food arrangement was to be a buffet, ignore that and arrange a seated food service where everyone is served to avoid much contact as of buffet system.
  6. Communicate with the vendors online until there is a requirement.
  7. Get all your payment done online.
  8. Try to avoid any guest from more affected cities.

Once everything gets normal and life is back as it was earlier, throw a big party for the people who could not attend your wedding.

Each and every individual’s responsibility is to take care of the things around them, this is the time where we are not in contact but should be united to fight this pandemic. So, follow each and every measure if you are planning your wedding in Covid.

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