Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Makeup
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Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Makeup

When we are talking of weddings, there’s one thing that unites women of all ethnicities, caste, region, and nationality- the dream to look like a diva. When your hair and makeup are on point, there’s no feeling restless, confused, or morally low. You have ample time to think of the remaining aspects that make a marriage successful; your guests, the menu, if everybody is feeling welcome, the rituals, and so on. However, the slightest mistake in wedding makeup can create havoc on your special day.

Neither do you feel like posing for the photographs now do you feel involved. Your mind is elsewhere, wandering into oceans of doubts and confusion.

But hey, we’ll not let your carefully planned wedding go down the drains just like that. We have compiled the list of what to do and what not to for your wedding makeup. Do check them out before hitting the salon for the ultimate transformation.

What to do for Wedding Makeup?

Your Skin Needs a Good Prep-Up From Months Advance

Embracing the idea of adhering to a strict AM and PM skincare routine is the best thing you can initiate 6 months before your wedding, to make sure your skin is oozing with radiance on the day of the event. This prepping up and taking regular care of your skin will help the makeup to sit better on your skin and stay as it is even after long hours of rituals.

Take a Demo of The Wedding Look You Are Expecting Few Weeks Earlier

Ensure to take a demo from the wedding look you have demanded from them about three weeks in advance. For instance, if you are looking forward to a fake tan look, get a trial run of the same so your makeup artist gets a fair idea of how your skin looks with the tan.

The trial, ask your professional to do your hair and also wear the wedding jewelry to get a complete idea of how the final result looks.

Take A Demo of The Wedding Look

Focus On Your Eye Makeup

Emphasize brightening the darkness under your eyes with the right kind of concealer shade and or corrector. Make sure to pick the correct tone, so it gets along well with your eye color. You wouldn’t want your eye makeup to stand out instead of your eyes. Another brilliant way to make your eyes become the star of the show is to ensure that the depth and the intensity of the concealer or corrector are close to your eyelash line.

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Consider Flaunting Individual Eyelashes

Individual faux lashes are the best way to add some depth and magic to your eyes. They also help you look subtly gorgeous. Instead of opting for full-strip faux lashes, always choose lashes of varying lengths to make way for a natural look.

Also, nestle the individual lashes in between your lashes instead of fixing them on top of your lash line.

Consider Flaunting Individual Eyelashes

What Not to do for Wedding Makeup?

Wearing A Sunscreen

If you have decided to go for flash photography, then ask your makeup artist not to put any kind of sunscreen on your face, as the flash will simply reflect off the skin and make you look like a vampire.

Putting Excessive Makeup on Your Eyes

You can always add dimensions to your eyes and make them stand out by allowing your makeup pro to apply color in your creases. However, tell them to keep away from the denser shade as it would only detract from your eyes.

Taking The ‘Too Much Matte’ or ‘Too Much Glossy’ Route

It is never recommended to wear glossy lipsticks that don’t last more than five minutes. Also, stay miles apart from lipsticks that are too matte as they leave your lips too chapped and dry by the time the rituals end and it’s time to pose. Go for lipsticks that are enriched with a moisturizing formula and enhance the shape of your lips. By applying several layers, you can ensure that they last for a long time.

Stop Adding Shimmer On the Wrong Places

Stop Adding Shimmer on the Wrong Places

A little shimmer on your cheeks never hurt and can help you look fresh and give you that much-dreamed dewy look. However, if your makeup pro decides to put them on your forehead or nose instead then it might your skin appear greasy.

It’s always good to stay away from glitter, as they are infamous for reflecting the light from your face to the camera.

Once you can follow these dos and don’ts you can easily look your best. Apart from this, always wear your confidence in whatever you wear. Good looks and radiance comes from within and not by wearing makeup. The more confident you look, the better compliments you get.

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