Quarantined and Bored? Bookmark These Makeup Tutorials Now
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Quarantined and Bored? Bookmark These Makeup Tutorials Now

Thanks to the never-ending vicious attack of the virus, the lockdown phase is on loop and we are all stuck inside our homes. Not only are we all bored of not being able to step outside like before but the frustration of not being able to flaunt makeup is getting on our nerves now. But hey, you might not take control of the virus spread, but you can always take charge of your boredom and do things to steer it away. Time to take cues from the best and quick makeup tips that we have compiled here and avoid your makeup products from entering their expiry date.

From attending zoom-call conferences to taking classes, you no longer have to look odd and ugly. Being stuck at home is no excuse to look your worst on all days and let your makeup products go into the trash. Grab your supplies and wishlist your favorite makeup idea now.

Quarantined and Bored

Quarantining With Style and How?

Be A Showstealer At Your Virtual Conference

We know you have been desperately rummaging through the blogs and tutorials to come across the best makeup for corporate conferences. No worries, we have you covered here. We have brought the most sophisticated and subtle conference makeup look that you are gonna fall in love with.

  • Always use a salicylic formula-based cleanser to double cleanse and then take the help of a moisturizer and primer to prep your skin. The process of double cleansing followed by moisturizing and using a primer would not only help your makeup to sit seamlessly but will also prolong its longevity.
  • It is important to even out your skin tone and correct the color of your face using foundation and the right shade of concealer. This will assist you to smooth out the discolorations and dark spots that you might be having.
  • To enhance your cheekbones or to contour them, you can always take the help of a matte bronzer.
  • By applying the right amount of highlighter on the highest areas of your face, you can create an illuminating look.
  • Pick a rosy/peachy blusher for a natural blush on your cheeks.
  • Choose light brown eyeshadow for a natural dimension.
  • Shape those brows by creating thin strokes starting from the brow interior and then follow it up to the tail.
  • Finish your look by adding bold red lipsticks
Be A Showstealer At Your Virtual Conference

The Glittery Eye Makeup Look For Virtual Parties

Creating glittery eye makeup looks is incredibly interesting especially for the dramatic night digital parties.

  • Using an eye-primer, prep the eyelids.
  • Use a light creamy-formula eyeshadow to create the perfect base.
  • Now begin by applying thin coats of non-toxic glitter over your eyelids and then blend it by tapping it with the finger, starting from the middle to the outer eye corners.
  • Pick the second shade of glitter and apply it on the top, keeping a special focus on the center and by moving up towards the crease and eye outer corners.
  • Time to shape those brows.
  • Add nude colors to your lips.
The Glittery Eye Makeup Look For Virtual Parties

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The Classic Smokey Eye Makeup Look For All Types of Events

Nothing beats the extravagance of smokey eyes. They are sensual and are worth all your efforts, giving how they add dimensions and depth to your eyes besides making you look gorgeous. It needs a little bit of practice to ace the smokey eye makeup, and you can use your quarantine period to get it right.

  • Take advantage of an oil-less concealer to prep those eyelids.
  • Use a light cream eyeshadow to make a base on your eyelids.
  • Begin creating the color with the help of taupe and mauve eyeshadow. Apply the eyeshadow right from your eyelids to the crease. You are allowed to get artistic and choose a bright color.
  • Now using a darker liner, start drawing a line from the outer corner of your eyes.
  • Now with your fingertip start smudging the liner just along the lash line.
  • Now apply some glittery eyeshadow right at the middle of your eyelid to add a pop of happiness.
  • Time to get your brows shaped.
  • Add a few layers of mascara.
  • Choose a good lipstick shade and using a matter bronzer, define your cheekbones.
The Classic Smokey Eye Makeup Look For All Types of Events

These easy and quick tutorials are a must-try if you are bored and clueless as to how to spend your time at home. Try these looks and flaunt them during virtual events or when working from home to feel all good and confident. Remember, makeup has the power to make you feel good about yourself, and no other way to pamper yourself and quirk up your look than this quarantine phase.

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