Kill the depression before the depression kill you
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Kill the depression before the depression kill you!

The term depression is neglected in our society. Majority of people are going through the pain that they are unable to express in front of anyone. Many of them are unaware of their state of mind, they are dealing with uncertainties and insecurities, they are dealing with depression and anxiety that may lead to loss of senses or even their lives.

This needs to be discussed that one who deals with depression has to take a step towards self-help, they must have to take tender care of their mental health because it is darn important!

Kill the depression before the depression kills you!


Identify what is bothering you, evaluate is it even worth worrying about, is it really important to think about, is it more prominent than your life?

Well, the answer to all these questions is “NO”. Nothing is more important than your life. No material, no relationship, no job, no work or nothing is more important than your own self. You must have to prioritize yourself, keeping yourself on the top of your priority list brings inner peace. This inner peace is an essence of life. If you want to live a life peacefully you have to let go of all the negativity that is triggering your peace of mind, your inner peace and your happiness.

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Depression is a slow poison that may ruin your entire life. If something is bothering you or your mental peace, you must have to seek help. Talk to those who are closer to you be it your family or your friends. If you are not able to express your feelings to those who you know, then you must contact a psychiatrist or a therapist who can heal your unseen wounds that may damage your heart, mind or soul. Remember, no one in the world is alone. All you need is to reach the right person with whom you can share your thoughts, it can be your siblings, parents, friends, teachers or relatives who can hear you out and make you understand that the bad times will pass sooner.

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Anxiety is another form of depression. A person faces hypertension attacks in this case. If you’re someone who is dealing with anxiety attacks from time to time then you must know how to overcome these deadly attacks.

  • The moment you start feeling anxious, drink a glass of water. Drinking water helps you in taking the easier breaths
  • Blink your eyes, it will help you to not to visualize the negativity.
  • Distract yourself by counting the objects around you. Count and observe the objects, it will help to eliminate the negative and anxious thoughts.
  • Think about how blessed you are. Thank God for being blessed with the eyes to see, limbs to do the activities, and anything that makes you stronger.
  • Think about your journey of life. Recall the good memories. Make yourself understand that no problem is gonna stay forever.
  • Keep yourself busy doing the things that make you feel good.
  • Talk to your friends, family and relatives.

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