Which Celebrity Bride Are You?
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Wondering Which Celebrity Bride You Will Be? Take the Quiz!

Are you getting hitched soon? It is not a surprise that you will be going through some of the most recent wedding pictures of celebrities and get all dreamy eyed about how glorious your wedding will be! Whether it is a homely one like Sonam Kapoor had or one where you go make a trip out of your destination wedding in a foreign land and be a part of exquisite nuptials like Deepika Padukone. The excitement about your own wedding is real and you want nothing less than a glamorous wedding for yourself.

Now, if you are wondering what your bridal appearance would be like and which celebrity you compare too, then there is no need to be sad as this quiz will tell you just that. From the right makeup, the right lehenga, there is something unique about every celebrity wedding, and you being beautiful and unique, you deserve one too. Here is a quiz which would tell which celebrity bride you resemble, and do not wait as it is too much fun!

Which Celebrity Bride Are You

How You Vision Your Dream Wedding?

  1. You just want your super close friend and family with you at a very super intimate place and just enjoy the nuptials and the moments.
  2. Surely you wish for an extravagant destination wedding with your family and not to forget your squad too.
  3. A grand wedding that would wow everyone from family, friends and relatives.
  4. Total Bollywood style! A big fat Indian wedding is your taste.

How Do You Imagine Your Wedding Day?

  1. You want everything to be light, pastel, and not to forget mesmerizing.
  2. You like gold and red, going all the way traditional.
  3. You want it all with the pastel and the traditional.
  4. You like it Punjabi bhangra style.

Have Do You Thought of Your Wedding Theme?

  1. You like it bright, breezy, and dreamy.
  2. You like it classic and traditional.
  3. You like it grand.
  4. Bollywood it is!

How You Imagine Your Dream Venue to Be?

  1. You want your wedding at a luxurious resort.
  2. You want a villa which would be overlooking the lake.
  3. A royal palace maybe?
  4. A temple or a church surely.

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If Your Answer Is Mostly Number 1s

You like to keep it quiet and get your close friends and family together and celebrate one of the most important days of your life like Anushka Sharma. You do not mind going grand, but you like to be intimate too. Whether it is the venue or your makeup, dress or your lehenga, you like everything to be mesmerizing that will be unique and inspire others.

When Your Answer Is in the 2s

Like Deepika Padukone, you want an international backdrop but want to hold on to your traditional values and roots and add the elements to your wedding. You like grandeur and not to forget exclusivity as well and pay respect to your roots.

When It Is Mostly 3s

Like Priyanka Chopra, you like to mix the cultures and go for a hybrid version. You want intimate but extravagant too which would wow everyone. You want perfection when it comes to your wedding day no matter what the element is.

If You Have Maximum of 4s

You want local and home town like Sonam Kapoor and pay homage to your traditions though people might expect something different from you. You like to go for the best of both the worlds.

Therefore, if you are among those who resemble any of the above celebrity brides, you now know what suits you and if still confused, there are experts present who could help you with everything from lehenga, makeup, hairstyle and the whole lot.

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