Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Scent for Your Wedding Day

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Perfect Scent for Your Wedding Day?

Your wedding is a crucial day of your life and you will want to create fond memories of that day. And, one way is to go for a unique scent which would remind you both about the day with a smile. Memory formation is always linked to a smell and the stronger and memorable the scent, the better would be your memory formation. Your perfume and personal fragrance are the links your husband and you will forever remember. One whiff of it and you will be transported back to the day you both became one.

But when it comes to fragrances, choosing the right one could be overwhelming, because the range of perfume is diverse, and choosing the one which will suit you on your wedding day perfectly is vital.

Do You Want a New Perfume?

This is one question you should have an answer to before you even start looking for new fragrances and scents. Whether you want one which would be specially meant for the wedding festivities and your big day is vital. It should also go with the concept of your lehenga and something which would remind your loved ones about you.

You could even want to go for the scent that you wore on the day your spouse proposed to you.

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Perfect Scent for Your Wedding Day

Choose Based on Personality

This is essential because your smell should be similar to the dress you will wear and your personality. You would want to smell the same because you want your husband to link the scent to you. Even if you are trying a new one, do not go for one which will be totally different. Take inspiration from the perfumes you have worn before and go for one which has some of the similar notes. It should suit your skin as well.

Try Going for Floral Scents

Your wedding and the bridal look is all about the love, romance, understanding you share with your husband. It should show your feminine side and this is why light, floral notes are the best. Look for a fragrance which gives off floral notes depending on what intensity you prefer.

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Your Perfume Should Be Similar to Your Wardrobe

It is said that the spritz or the scent you will be choosing should be similar to the perfume which is linked with the wardrobe. If you prefer minimalist designs, your smell note should be within that range too and not something which would be really intense. Citrus perfumes are great. If you love a feminine touch which is fashionable and bold, then floral is the way to go. If it is glamorous, then woody smells will be the best option. With daring wardrobe choice, musk scents look great too. Match the spritz with the lehenga you will be wearing on your big day. 

Your Perfume Should Be Similar to Your Wardrobe

Keep in Mind the Wedding Season

Always keep in mind the season you will be getting married in. For summers, try going for fresh and light ones which would help you feel breezy when performing the wedding nuptials. And, for the winter, you could easily go for musk and woody scents, it would look great for autumn weddings too.

You could always try new ones before wedding days so that you feel secure regarding that particular one on your big day. The best perfume will make the day a great one, even your to-be husband could try new aftershaves so that both the scents meditate well with each other. Buy scents that come with scented moisturizers, this helps in keeping the notes intact for a long period of time. And, do not forget to ask your bridesmaid to carry it for you in their purses.

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