Wedding Diet: Top Tips for Brides to lose Weight this Christmas
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Wedding Diet: Top Tips for Brides to lose Weight this Christmas

The festive seasons mean meeting your friends, families and gorging on some delicious food, desserts. When it comes to the festive seasons, it could mean one thing for a lot of people- a free pass to eat whatever you want and not feel guilty for it even. But if you are a bride whose wedding is during this festive season or just after it, then holding a little bit and showing a little restrain would help a great deal.

It does not mean that you have to stop eating or ignore and sacrifice on your favourite food. Here are some tips that you should not be missing out on so that you could put a check on your weight.

Always be Wise When It Comes to Alcohol

When it comes to losing that unwanted weight, alcohol could be a real barrier. If you enjoy alcohol, you would know that there are cravings and the aftermath hangover is something you do not wish to face. Also, during festivals, having the whole family around, it is natural to want to sip on beer, or something stronger.

The biggest downfall related to binge drinking would be the calories that later might cause you the hassle. If you love white wine, you could always change them with soda spritzer, go for sugar-free mixers which would help in keeping the weight in control. Lowering your consumption of alcohol during the festivities would help in fitting in your lehenga perfectly.  

Top Tips for Brides to lose Weight this Christmas

Do Not Overspend

When buying grocery, always be specific regarding the amount you want and is necessary. Before the wedding, meeting the right nutritionist could help a great deal in making the big day as smooth as possible. Also, the right nutrients will help in making the skin glowing and healthy.

Make your holiday a great time when you could introduce some fresh fruits in the dinner or lunch menu rather than any fatty food options. Otherwise, gaining weight and then going for a change in wedding dress size could turn into a nightmare.

Restrain at Parties

No wonder during the festivals you will be invited to several parties. But surely you will have no idea what would be served and keeping in mind your calorie consumption count every day is your responsibility. Try hosting party’s son your own so that you do not get tempted in finishing your plate and indulging in some more. For your bridal dress, you have to be in your best fit shape.

You can make small changes like going for grilled food, making homemade dessert, which your guests will love too.

Remember Your Goal

‘Lack of willpower’ is often one of the main reasons why you get demotivated even before trying to achieve the best body shape result. Try setting small goals and always remember than fulfilling even a small goal is a positive one. Never overindulge. And, even if you think you are you could always increase your activity level and do something that would help in burning off the excess calories. 

Always be Wise When It Comes to Alcohol

Do Not Forget to Enjoy

Along with planning for the wedding, the festivals are a time you could relax, let your hair loose and have some fun time, therefore enjoying yourself is important too. Do not put too much pressure, just make sure you stay active when trying to stay in shape before the wedding.

Therefore, these are some of the helping tips which would help effectively in controlling your weight. Hence, look your utter best and remarkable during your big day so that no one could turn their eyes away from you. Always remember than burning more calories than you consume is important.

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