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The world after Dalgona Coffee

Why is the world going crazy after Dalgona Coffee? Well, the netizens are giving so much hype to that fascinating glass of Dalgona Coffee. Now the question is, where this hype came from? As the world is locked in their home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are finding new ways to kill their time at home and during this quarantine, many celebrities got to indulge in the house chores and in the meantime, a South Korean actor Jung Il-woo shared the Dalgona Coffee recipe in the month of January and he posted the first Dalgona Coffee video and challenged others to make one on a social media platform known as Tiktok. And this Dalgona Coffee has become the most trending on social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

This picturesque cup of coffee is worth drooling over. People are not getting tired of this tempting drink; they all are ready to hold the whiskers and whip the coffee for really long 15-20 minutes to have this frothy mocha. Not only the specific region but the whole world is striving to have the perfect cup of delicious Dalgona Coffee. In India, from Bollywood, Tollywood, and television celebrities to the tiktokers and commoners are making this magical mocha and putting the pictures and videos of this guilty pleasure on their social media.

Many memers and YouTubers are making jokes and roasting this hype too. Which is indeed entertaining, many of the memers questioning its craze in a funnier way, while the bunch of YouTubers are showing the real struggle to make this coffee. The interesting part is netizens are falling for the memes and videos and appreciating the memers and YouTubers for lighting their mood in this lockdown.

Well, the Dalgona Coffee is stealing this much attention because of the efforts it takes to be accomplished is simply more than a lot. It surely takes a bit longer than the usual coffees, but the taste totally justifies the time and efforts it takes.

When the world is experiencing that whipped coffee’s delight, why wouldn’t the @bridalstudionoor experience it and why can’t you too! Therefore, we are sharing the authentic recipe of this mesmerizing mocha, The Dalgona Coffee!

Let’s start with the Recipe:

The ingredients that are needed to make this overhyped coffee are too easy to find in every home. The ingredients are as follow:

 1.  Instant Coffee- 2 Tea Spoons

 2. White Sugar- 2 or 2½ Tea Spoons

 3. Lukewarm Water- 2 Tea Spoons

 4. Milk- 150 ml

 5. Ice cubes

 6. Chocolate syrup (Optional)

 7. Chocolate flakes (Optional)


Add 2 teaspoons of instant coffee powder in a bowl or a mug, add the sugar into it, mix it with a fork or a spoon. Now, add the lukewarm water gradually and whisk the mixture with a fork, whisker, a spoon or a butter knife. Mix till the froth forms from the mixture and sugar particles get dissolved. The consistency of the mixture should be thicker and smooth.

Now, take a glass, jar, or a mug whatever you like, spill some chocolate syrup into it to give it a fancy look. Pour the ice cubes and milk and place the whipped coffee over it.

For garnishing, you can top it up with chocolate flakes or sprinkle some coffee powder of cocoa powder over it.

Your Dalgona Coffee is ready to relish. Now, stir, sip and enjoy. Thank us later!

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