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Makeup Professional Noor on 2021 Beauty Trends and Makeup As Escapism

When we talk about makeup-trends, the previous year gave us major clarity, considering the elongated lockdown and #WFH that we had to face, which changed the complete scenario of our world. Amidst the chaos, and over the days, almost all of us somehow made our way to reinvent the skincare routine, consider good products, and try out new products.

A lot has changed over makeup, and beauty professional Noor after achieving dramatic success in the field of makeup has now decided to talk about the beauty trends that will be ruling the year that is and what lies ahead in the world of makeup.

Achieving the Most-Presentable Look for Zoom Meetings and How?

During the lockdown, women might have missed creating makeup sensations, but a majority of them have been pulling off conferences, press events, product launches, and more via video calls. Noor has been teaching them how to look presentable and attractive through the use of an airbrush bronzer with an infusion of Hyaluronic acid. Airbrush bronzers render a radiant-looking glow on your skin and are also ideal for adding an instant contour to those cheekbones.

With so much talking going on constantly, it is not surprising if your lips turn chapped. In that case, you can always keep a lipgloss balm with the infusion of hyaluronic acid handy. The lip balm works wonders in nourishing and hydrating those lips all day long.

2020’s Trials and Tribulations Have Shifted the Paradigm of Consumer’s Approach to Beauty

Makeup-aficionado Noor believes in the power of beauty and that it has created positive escapism for people in the previous year; from recreating tranquilizing moments of joy with a skincare regimen to flaunting your favorite makeup, trying on quirky looks, and lending a quick facelift. Beauty is always seen to be a mood-booster, as it is great in lifting the spirits and instilling confidence amongst people that they can take on the world. For Noor, makeup is a booster of his self-esteem and confidence.

With time people have started to wear makeup as it enhances their self-confidence. People wearing makeup regularly and turning themselves more attractive with it have found out that the world has started responding to them twice as positively as before.

Makeup Products That Continue To Get Added in Wishlist in 2021

Clay Masks

Women long for optimally-hydrated skin. And for that Noor explains, women must put in efforts into their skin treatments and give into the tempts of the skin clay masks. The newly-launched clay masks by various brands promise to both even out your skin texture and brighten them.

Furthermore, they are magic for women having ultra-dry skin, as it hydrates almost instantly. By applying the clay masks, you can prepare your skin for the next set of makeup and make way for the ideal canvas for makeup.

Facial Kits

The all-in-one facial kits add youthfulness to the skin, hydrates it, and renders glowing skin instantly. It can effectively remove all the dead skin cells and get rid of tired-looking eyes that we are all facing due to excessive overtime, deadline pressure, and multi-tasking at home.

An Insight Into What Beauty Will Look Like in 2021

Supermodel Eyebrows

One of the beauty trends that will take on 2021 is the Supermodel Brows. And coming to brows, they are the foundation of your face, which if pulled off right can completely transform your entire facial structure. The full arched brows, for instance, can make you look youthful instantly.

Noor – Makeup artist in Chennai will guide you on beauty trends of 2021. Book him for your Wedding/Engagement or any other special occasion.

Flawless Skin

Second, flawless skin with sufficient luminosity, think dewy and hydrated skin is what women have started falling for recently. Thanks to everybody’s realization that nothing looks worse than tired-looking skin.

Fuller and Lively Eyes

Finally, the eyes are about to receive the most attention, given how everything else on your face remains covered underneath the mask and continues to remain like that until the world gets rid

of coronavirus completely. You can do everything to have fun with your eye-makeup looks, and making them appear more attractive and bigger with eye palettes or smokey eye makeup.

With all things said, 2021 is going to be a year full of magic and positivity according to makeup artist Noor. He is determined to bring in happiness and joy through his work of art and innovative makeup. Judging by the products that are about to get launched in the year, it’s evident that people would love it and take to makeup.

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