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Looking for Your Ideal Makeup Artist? Types of Bridal Makeup to Know About

Your wedding is one of the most auspicious days of your life and no bride would want a makeup disaster. Therefore, choosing your ideal makeup artist is important who will make you look like a million bucks. But before that knowing the different kinds of makeup and what suits your skin is vital. While you might like a look, there are still factors to consider whether it would go with your lehenga or not and whether it will suit your skin tone and also the event. Because the makeup you would do for sangeet will not be the same as what you would go for your wedding day.

Knowing all the base makeup types and what the trends are, you could choose accordingly. And, for your inspiration, here are some ideas that are too hard to ignore.

HD Makeup

When it comes to conventional makeup alongside HD makeup, the techniques that are used are almost similar. The one difference that is notable is HD makeup offers a more natural look and it also makes sure that any kind of skin imperfection is totally removed. When compared to the standard look, there are no blurry lines.

When it comes to your wedding day, you want your skin to be flawless so that even when the flash of the camera is on, nothing is shown. Therefore, if you intend for a bridal photo shoot, then this look would be an incredible idea to opt for. Minimal products are required which one should carry in the clutch for touch up. It offers a soft and flawless look which is not caky at all and is perfect in camouflaging the imperfections.

HD Makeup

Airbrush Makeup

The typical sponges, blender, brushes are not applicable for this makeup look. The products that are used are sprayed on the face with the help of an air gun. As the products are applied in these layers, it offers flawless skin. Thousands of mist particles are sprayed; therefore, a fine film is created and it offers the perfect end finish which is not just waterproof and also long-lasting. Choose makeup that goes well with your dress. 

Noor will advice you which makeup looks very well with your dress. Hire Bridal Makeup artist in Chennai who has 15+ years of experience in makeup industry and completely change your look.

Mineral Makeup

Minerals are micronized like iron, talc, zinc oxide which are then milled into tiny products which could easily help in creating this makeup. The presence of oils, fragrances and waxes are not seen in this makeup idea. This will give you a natural glow and illumination that is perfect for any skin type. And, if you have a sensitive skin which could easily breakout, this is an incredible option considered the best by many reputable artists.

Natural Makeup

You might be in terms with this makeup as this is a very popular choice. It gives an illusion as if there is no or light makeup and gives the look of perfect skin. It is not loud and is done to enhance your overall appearance and feature. From lip to eye to face makeup everything is done minimally. And, if you wish to look like yourself and not too glamorous but fresh, effortless, this is the one for you.

Natural Makeup

High Shine Makeup

Tons of highlighter and liquid products is the key to this shiny glamorous makeup. Using silver or champagne colours, loads of illuminator, a glossy finish adds more bling. And a bride who likes bold, beautiful, well, there is no other option if not this. But first, make sure it suits you and the lehenga you would be adorning. Also, gel eyeliners are a must with gold or maybe copper tone eyeshadows.

Also, there is matte makeup look and pulls the light inwards giving a velvety finish. Therefore, these are some of the most popular makeup types that you could choose from on your auspicious day.

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