Choose the Perfect Red & Pink Bridal Attire
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Choose the Perfect Red & Pink Bridal Attire!

Bridal Studio Noor, the best bridal makeup studio of Tamil Nadu, is sharing the secrets to select the best bridal attire for your most special day of life. Selecting the best bridal outfit is not an easy task at all. However, we cannot even ignore this because the bridal outfit is simply the hottest topic of the wedding. Brides are meant to be the talk of the town on their wedding day, every single person who is invited to their wedding ceremonies starts talking about the bride and groom before reading the invitation! Well, that is true and, in these vines,, the topic that interests people the most is the bridal attire!

If you are planning to wear reds and pinks on your wedding, then here are the wisest suggestions by the one and only @bridalstudionoor. Yes, we are going to reveal the best ways to select the best bridal outfit in reds and pinks that will definitely catch everyone’s eyes.

Choose the Perfect Reds & Pinks Bridal Attire

The reds and pinks are hues that are ruling the bridal attire arena since centuries and these are the shades that never go out of the trend. Here we go with the best tips to choose the best outfit for the bride just like a pro.

Select the Red wisely:

If you are going to choose the traditional red colour for your wedding outfit then you need to take care of some little details.

  • To make your outfit not too tacky, choose the warm-toned reds and cherries.

  • Don’t go for too bright because it can simply make you look shabbier on your big-big day.
  • Choose a red with subtle details, too much glitter and colours like gold and silver may cause glitches in people’s eyes and even in your photos and videos too.

That pink should be pink only!

Choosing a pink lehenga or a saree can be a big task for you. Make sure to choose the right tone of pink because choosing pinks is simply opposite to choosing a red. Here, warm-toned pinks can ruin the game. So, choose the soft or cool-toned shades of pink. Note these wiser points to choose the pink wisely:

  • If your heart is craving for wearing that luscious fuchsia pink attire. Make sure that there should be no other colour to dominate the beauty of fuchsia pink, the embellished details and hints of gold or silver can be the best contrast to it.

  • A pale pink attire can be the best option for you to have a subtle classy look. Make sure not to contrast any other colour with pale or soft pinks because it can totally turn down.

  • Pair the pink with whites or brights, there should not be any off-toned colour to contrast with pink because it can easily ruin the charm of pinks.

So these are three main tips for each colour revealed by our star MUA Noor, the best makeup artist of Chennai! Our most awarded MUA Noor in Coimbatore has some great makeup skills, he never fails to astonish us with the sets of palettes and makeup brushes…

You can also contact him to have a wonderful and most admirable bridal look for your wedding day. So brides, why wait book your makeup seating’s now!

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