17 Bridal Makeup Basics That Every Cosmetic Bag Should Have
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17 Bridal Makeup Basics That Every Cosmetic Bag Should Have

Finding what suits your skin and what does not might be a long achievement. But before your wedding, the best of the best skincare routine and makeup products are essential. Not only does it help in making you look stunning, but if your skin requires something, it is the best products you could get your hands on. Here is expert advice on 17 essential items that any cosmetic bag cannot do without.

Makeup Primer

From the moment you start getting ready to looking fresh till the after-party, you want tools that will help in keeping your makeup looking fresh. This is where the makeup primer plays a great role as it helps in smoothing everything out and help in holding the foundation. There are different primer products available where some help in minimizing the pores, some help with colour correction, some even add radiance.


The right foundation that matches your skin tone is crucial. They should be extra-long wearing which will offer full coverage and also a sheer shiny finish. There are ones which are more on the classic side but ensure you blend them thoroughly for the best makeup look.

The right foundation that matches your skin tone is crucial

Setting Powder

This is ultrafine and never gives a cakey look. The translucent powder offers you a touch of radiance which will offer an added radiance but never make it look artificial. It is so silky to touch that setting powder is now becoming essential in the bridal makeup box.

Black Mascara

The power of voluminous magical eyes is undeniable. It gives extra big lashes. When you are using eyelash extensions, adding mascara gives it is a fluffy look and make the eyes pop.

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Concealer Kit

Concealer kits sometime come with dual concealer tones for your skin while some come with a creamy concealer and setting powder. It can easily fit in your clutch which you could carry for touch-ups without going for an elaborate process.

Blush, Highlighter and Bronzer

Now sometimes they might come separately while some could come with highlighters, cheeks tint along with lip ones and also a balm. Ensure to check out the ingredients and see whether it offers a hydrating result or not. Look gorgeous with the right makeup and wedding dress.

Setting Spray

No makeup look is complete without a setting spray. Most experts swear by the product. It helps in keeping the makeup fresh even when it is the sweatiest day.

makeup look is complete without a setting spray

Waterproof Gel Liner

Gel eyeliners offer you a matte finish and are long-lasting and surely is extra smooth. Now, you might go for the classic black but there are so many adventurous ones to check out.


Can you really do without one in the perfect shade for your lip? There are so many shades available that you could choose depending on your lehenga and makeup look. Now, whether you will go for matte or gloss depends on your preference.

Flexible Hair Spray

You do not want unruly hair or bits coming out from here and there. It will help in holding your style and there would be no gross build up and you could easily change it.

Hair Oil

Hair spa, shampooing and conditioning will not just do. A non-oily, non-sticky hair oil will keep away the split ends and make the hair soft and also healthy.

Textured Spray

This offers an extra volume depending on the kind of hairstyle you are opting for your wedding. It helps in lifting the roots.

Curling Iron

Now, if you are doing it on your own, an expert is doing it or your bridesmaid need it, a curling iron is a must.

Face Mist

Check the ingredients of the product and see whether it would offer hydration to your skin or not and definitely how it smells.

Eye Cream

You just cannot do without a quality one. Usually, one should start using it not weeks, but months before your wedding. Keep your under-eye skin hydrated.

Keep your under-eye skin hydrated

Emergency Spot Treatment

For such an important day, the level of stress is unimaginable. It is not uncommon for a few blemishes to just pop up. But now you have the solution on how to control it. This product helps in minimizing irritation and also redness.

Face Mask

Face masks leave your skin feeling soft and also hydrated after keeping them on for 15-20 minutes. But make sure to do a patch test before using it.

Therefore, these are some of the essentials which will make your skin glow on your wedding day and hence is necessary that you never compromise on the quality and brand you are opting for.

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