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What was your wedding dress like?

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We know how important it is for someone to step into an all-new life but why not make a grand entry? Girls always wonder about their wedding outfits; they always want an outfit that can make them look perfectly gorgeous. But wait! Have you ever thought about having a perfect attire guide to rock all your pre and post-wedding functions of your marriage?

MakeupNoor Chennai is going to share an amazing fashion mantra exclusively prepared for our gorgeous brides so that they can slay every special day of their wedding celebrations.

That Mehandi Outfit!

For “Mehandi Ceremony” you must opt-out for a cool and colourful outfit that sends happy and lively vibes to you. Do not go for basics or regular colours. If it is for your Mehandi then go green because of you worth that vibe totally!

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These are some ideas that can bring the coolest vibes to your look on your Mehandi. These minty, neon, pastel and vibrant multi-shades are perfect to go for.

Haldi Ceremony’s Traditionals with twists!

When it comes to the Haldi ceremony, nothing is going to be as suitable as wearing a simple yet elegant outfit unlike the Mehandi Ceremony’s one because it is all about the flavour of the function. A yellow attire is simply irreplaceable to any other colour’s dress. So dear bride fellow, don’t have a second thought and just pick the yellow!

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You can also add some colour with the yellow but trust us a pure yellow dress will be the best for the bridal Haldi look.

The Sangeet Saga!

Sangeet Ceremony is all about showing the glamour and style that you have got. Dear brides, nail that evening by choosing the best and the most stylish outfit. Make sure that the colour of your sangeet outfit should be dark and the elegant most. You should select your sangeet outfit quite different from your Mehandi outfit, it should be like the opposite. For instance, if it is ideal to choose cool and vibrant hues for the Mehandi ceremony and the outfit should be loudly bright, on the other hand, for Sangeet, the outfit should be warm in tone and as elegant yet stylish as it can be.

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These are some trendy and classy ideas for the Sangeet Outfit. If you are not really fond of wearing such attire then don’t worry, you can go with some elegant saree look too.

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Nowadays, these sequence sarees are running the trend crazily. You can either go for these stunning sarees or some look that is similar to it too.

The Final Bridal Look!

Here comes the final and the most prominent attire to choose the bridal attire for her wedding. We have already shared some great articles that may help you to choose the best bridal outfit. No matter what colour you like the most or whether you want to choose a saree or a lehenga we have the solutions to all your problems.

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