How to plan your wedding during the coronavirus pandemic
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Wedding in Corona Pandemic

Dear lovely readers,

This Coronavirus Pandemic has ruined many things lately. Also, the wedding plans of those who were dreaming to have a grand celebration of the most special day of their lives. From the long list of guests to the delicious menu, from an extravagant venue to the lavishing themed decorations, from a quirky photoshoot to all the fun and the list goes on… However, you just had to cut all these things from our wedding plans and now most of the people are wondering now what to do, and how to make the things memorable?

We @bridalstudionoor are going to share some tips to make the most of your big day and how you can make it memorable forever.

Wedding in Corona Pandemic

First of all, we would like to wish all the happiness and prosperity for entering the most beautiful phase of your life. Secondly, do not be disheartened that your wedding is not taking the place as same as you thought it would be, because we have some great examples to lift your mood up, Bollywood couples like Anushka & Virat Kohli and Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh have got married and their guest count was not more than 20. Remember?

Instead of being disheartened and crying over your ruined wedding plans due to this COVID-19 situation, you should feel too good because your wedding is going to be a little more special.

Here are some tips to make your big day wonderful!

No.01 Turn the Home into Salon:

This lockdown has locked all the salons for the safety measures. Our brides must be worried about the pre-bridal treatment but they are simply unable to get that replenishing treat at the moment. Nevertheless, we ain’t gonna let our brides down at all. We have some extremely amazing DIY hacks for having PRE-BRIDAL TREATMENT AT HOME that can replace the need of rushing to salons during this lockdown. So, brides, there is no need to worry about your pre-preps anymore!

Turn the Home into Salon

No.02 Guest List:

Well, this is something we should talk about on an important note, according to the guidelines of the government, in a wedding only 50 guests are allowed and they should be complying with the social distancing SOPs. You can have some close relatives and friends from both sides. One should have permission to have such gatherings from the district magistrate.

While making the guest list you have to be really choosy, avoid adding people on the list just for the sake of “what if they feel bad for not being invited”. They must understand the situation before complaining about being uninvited. You can also go for the “no guests other than the family” concept too.

Guest List

No.03 Add the Mask to Your Outfit:

Dear bride and groom, add the mask to your outfit to stay safe and spread awareness of the prominence of the mask during this pandemic. Request all the guests who are going to attend the wedding that they must have to wear a mask to stay safe and secure while gathering in one place because safety is better than a cure. So make sure not to skip this essential add on to your outfit.

You can have a matching or complimenting contrast mask with your attire, add and set the trend.

Add the Mask to Your Outfit

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No.04 Less or No Food is Good:

When it comes to the food at a wedding, our mouth simply floods with the water to think about the relishing delicacies. But during this pandemic, try not to throw a big feast to your guests or arrange the food in packages to maintain the social distancing norms for safety. The idea of having a wedding without the food is great too because all you need is blessings, people can have the food at their home as well. You can simply welcome them with a packed box of sweets to show the gesture of kindness, love and happiness.

Less or No Food is Good

No.05 Terrace Will Be A Great Venue:

Wondering about the venue, since no hotels, restaurants, marriage lawns are open and you are confused about what to do with this venue issue then don’t stress, a terrace or a lawn will work as the best venue for your wedding. Yes, this will be the perfect option for the venue and this will allow an adequate space as well to tune up the arrangements like guest seatings, food stalls or tables and other things.

Terrace Will Be A Great Venue

No.06 DIY Decorations:

Decorate your decided venue with the material available at home. You can use the quirky coloured cushions and curtains and also you can use some colourful sarees or dupattas as sheer curtains to give your venue a beautiful look. Or you can simply use some themed colours according to the availability of the material at home. Instead of decorating flowers, you can use some natural plants also to give an exotic look to your wedding venue. For the bride and groom seating us a sofa that will work great to separate their seatings from others and will give that stage vibe.

DIY Decorations

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No.07 Day Time Wedding Will Do the Magic:

Try that your wedding takes place in the day-time because it will eliminate the need for artificial lights. And getting hitched under the sunlight will be special yet beneficial because the natural lights will provide you with the ease of taking the great pictures. So, the day time will be the best option for arranging your wedding.

Day Time Wedding Will Do the Magic

These are the seven main tips that you should take care of while getting married during this lockdown. For the rest, you can contact Chennai’s best makeup artist Noor to have a gorgeous look on your wedding day. Dear bride, we wish you all the fortune.

Stay Safe & Happy! & stay connected with us!

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