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Know-How to Accomplish A Perfect No-Makeup Makeup Look at HOME!

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Nowadays, many girls are going crazy after the “No Makeup Makeup Look” and it’s trending like a storm, we thought let’s give you some tips and tricks to do that “No Makeup Makeup Look” at home during the quarantine. Now, you must be wondering why to have that makeup look when you are locked in the house. Well, If you are someone who likes to work on yourself and love to stay beautiful or you do struggle when it comes to looking decent, elegant, and beautifully presentable during an office video conferencing or a virtual date then read through this because it will save you from being looking like “bored in the house, in the house bored”.

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First of all, let us show you how well this no-makeup makeup look goes with every style preference no matter you are a college girl, a housewife or a working woman, you can simply don this look every day!

These are some of the subtle classy looks done by none other than our star makeup artist Noor, the best makeup artist of South India. The “No-makeup Makeup Look”.

Such looks can be carried for a perfect everyday look.

So without further ado, let’s get to the ” No Makeup Makeup Look” tips and tricks:

Prime & Moisturize:

Moisturize your face with a good moisturizer. Then prime your face with a light or water-based primer. Following this step will provide a smooth finish to your base and will shrink your pores too.

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Get That Base:

Like every regular makeup, you need to make a perfect base. For this, pick any foundation, BB Cream or CC Cream of your choice. Use the concealer to highlight your T-zone, under eyes & bridge of the nose. Apply colour corrector only when you need it, in the case if you have any dark spots, dark circles, or discolouration on your face.

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Set the Base:

Now, pick any translucent powder, banana powder or compact powder to set your face. Setting your base with powder is a saviour step to avoid a creased base. Setting the base gives a proper finish to your base and eliminates the heaviness that may occur on your face after applying the foundation and concealer. It also hides fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

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Shade Your Eyes:

Pick a natural, subtle shade to fill on your eyelids. For a no-makeup look, a single shade is enough. You can surely highlight your brow bone to give it a defined look. For eyeshadow use, very neutral shades to give your eyes a beautiful yet natural look. It should look like your eyes are naturally brightened up with a touch of hue.

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Wing That Liner Lightly:

To make eyes more defined you can apply a regular or a light wing liner. Applying the eyeliner is totally optional in an everyday makeup look. So either you can skip or you can keep your hands light on it. We should not go too bold, dark and intense with the eyeliner because it won’t be a No Makeup Look anymore. Just make it lighter, subtle or simply skip it to stay more natural.

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Mascara Magic:

Alright, Mascara is something that many of us do not wanna skip even when we are wearing literally no makeup. So, for this no-makeup makeup look, you should note this down that mascara is a must for this. We are definitely not going to apply the false lashes but we are certainly going to apply mascara.

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Brows Are Important:

Just like the mascara, filling the brows in is an important step, it is beneficial in defining the whole sculpt of your face. The well-filled brows give your entire look an intensity that will make you look prettier.

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Count the Contour IN:

It is important to count the contouring step in to have a more defined and beautiful look. Using the bronzer after contouring is simply a step that you can just ignore because it can overdo your cheeks. So contouring with the matte products such as powder or cream contouring.

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Flush Your Cheeks A Little Blush:

Apply a peachy or neutral pinky blush on your cheeks to have a natural rosy flush on your cheeks. Just as shown in the classics, the more your blush is subtle the more your look will be natural. You can simply touch that blushed brush on your nose to flush it a little naturally. It would look simply awesome.

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Highlight the Highs:

This is another the most favourite step of many ladies, make sure the highlighter you are choosing should not have the chunky glitter particles in it. The colour of the highlighter should be neutral or closer to your skin tone because to have a natural glow it is important to match the tint of the highlighter to your skin. Apply the highlighter on the highest points of the face like the bridge of the nose, brow bone, highest point of cheeks.

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Tint Your Lips:

For lipstick, you can simply pick a tinted lip gloss or lip balm. If you are not a fan of shiny lips then go for the lipsticks that are matte or cream-based. The colour of the lipstick should be in nude tones such as peaches, light pinks, corals, browns etc. Don’t go with the darker or brighter shades that won’t look natural.

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Get Set Go (Or just Stay at Home):

You have completed all the steps now you just need to grab the bottle and spray the setting spray on your face. Now, you are all ready to go to your college, office, meeting, gatherings or even to the parties. But for now, you just have to stay home and slay this video conference or virtual date look.

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