Have fuller lips naturally!
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Have fuller lips naturally!

Hello, Beauties!

As our title entails the story that we are going to unveil a gem secret to enhance your existing beauty to an extent. Nowadays, fuller lips are totally a new style definition. Girls are spending thousands of bucks to possess the adorable fuller pair of lips to give their look a trendy and prettier touch and to redefine their style. Lip fillers or lip Botox can be heavily hazardous to your pockets. Furthermore, these luxuriously beautiful pair of lips may come with several other demerits such as reshaping failure, oversize lips, discolouration etc. It also impacts your lips or mouth area afterwards as well, a single dose of Botox has the power to paralyse your lips tissues. This extravagant beauty treatment costs almost 400 US $ to 1200 US $ in India currency approximately INR.30,000/- to INR.90,000/- depending upon your choice of treatment. This treatment may cause lips asymmetry, lumps or blood clots in lips, ulceration or infection in lips, inoculation into the blood vessels of lips may cause loss of tissues and hundreds of side effects. This is such a crucial job to be done on one’s face that may bring either great results or a disaster.

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If you’re not ready or willing to have lip fillers and Botox but desire to have those beautiful fuller lips then Bridal Studio Noor has come up with really great hacks to have the adorable fuller pair of lips! Yes, we have the solution to the problem you might be facing in deciding whether to have those lip fillers or not. Here are some super easy yet natural ways to get the perfect full lips.

The hacks are as follow:

Scrub your lips thrice a week, it is beneficial in boosting the blood circulation in the blood vessels of the lips. It gives an amazing fuller effect to your lips and lifts up your cupid bow area of the lips that give rise to your lip beauty and make them look plump and full naturally. It also helps in de-tanning your lips and treats the discolouration too

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Pro Tip: Do not forget to apply a good quality lip balm after scrubbing your lips to keep them hydrated and softer.

Brush your lips gently every alternative day with sugar and coffee mix or honey and lemon mix. It makes your lips brighter and eliminates the problems related to dead skin and pigmentation. Brushing your lips stimulates your blood vessels and promotes tissue growth and collagen production. It tightens up the lips well and lifts the lips up. It gives amazing fuller lips effects to the lips.

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Pro Tip: Use any DIY mask that suits you the most and brush your lips gently. Make sure to avoid baking soda and alum or any unnatural bleaching products applying on lips.

Contour your lips like a pro to get the Kylie Jenner kinda look! Yes, that is too easy to have that Kylie Jenner’s perfect fuller lip look. Contour your lips rightly with a nude shade first then apply the tint on it like a pro.

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Pro Tip: Conceal your upper lips nicely to have a perfect fuller lip look!

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