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DIYs for Perfect Hair!

Dear Readers,

Every one of us dreams of having healthy hair but in the hustle-bustle of life, we do not get enough time for our haircare. In result, our hair becomes dull, frizzy and rough and that is something none of us wants. Now, the question arises, how to give your hair enough care while not changing your hectic schedule.

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Don’t worry you can easily overcome your hair problems by following some great and easy steps. Noor – Best Bridal Makeup artist in Chennai is sharing some astounding hair care tips just for you.

Here are some great DIYs & Routine tips to adopt for having healthy, shiny, strong and beautiful hair.

Hair Growth Mask:

Hair Growth Mask

Many of us face problems regarding hair growth. If your hair doesn’t grow anymore or grows slower than others then this easiest DIY hair mask can stimulate your hair growth rapidly, it also gives a smoother and shinier texture to your hair.

Ingredients you require:

  • ½ Cup Aloe Vera Gel
  • 2 Tablespoon Organic Coconut Oil
  • 1 Vitamin E Capsule

Method & Directions:

Mix these ingredients and apply this mask from roots to tips, keep the mask on to hair at least for two hours and then rinse it off. It will stimulate your hair growth and give your hair a smoother texture. Use this mask once a week and see the difference.

If you are not fond of the hack shared above then you should go for the easiest one.

Rice Water & Lavender Hair Spray:

Rice Water & Lavender Hair Spray

Too easy to get it done by yourself at your own home. This hair spray will make your hair dandruff free, stronger, straight and longer.

Ingredients you require:

  • Rice
  • Water
  • Essential Oil (Lavender or Rosemary oil)
  • Method & Directions:

Wash the rice to remove the starch or chemical powders. Soak the rice. Add two glasses of water to a pan and add rice into it. Bring it to a boil and keep swirling till the water turns its consistency thick. Let it cool and add 2-3 ml of essential oil. Then pour it into a pump or spray bottle.

Now use this hair tonic a night before shampooing your hair. Spray throughout the scalp and massage gently. Leave it for a night and rinse your hair in the morning. Repeat this twice a week to have longer, stronger and dandruff free hair!

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Rosemary Hair Tonic:

Rosemary Hair Tonic

This hair tonic is easiest but the most effective DIY hack to multiple hair problems such as the dry scalp, hair fall, split ends, slow hair growth and rough texture.

Ingredients you require:

  • 3 Rosemary Stalks
  • 1 Glass water
  • 1¼ Glass Apple cider vinegar

Method & Directions:

Chop the rosemary stalks and make a regular rosemary tea ( do not add honey or cinnamon, just water will be required). Let the tea cool, now pour it to the bottle and add 1¼ glass of apple cider vinegar.

Use it twice or thrice a week. It will make your hair strong and treat dry scalp, split ends, slow hair growth.

Note: If you are allergic to any of these ingredients kindly go with the alternatives.

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